Successful State of Mind Specialist and Spiritual Medium

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One of the things I people ask what do you do? I say I am a Successful State Of Mind Specialist who speaks with Spirits. That’s what I do. Currently, Im focusing on the Spiritual Medium side of things. Its rewarding when you sit across from someone and say something which brings about some healing.  The look in their eyes says it all. They come to you with a heavy heart and leave feeling a lighter.


  • Sitting across from people telling youa spirit that is tormenting their child.
  • Sparks of lightening come from out of nowhere to strike people and animals.

These are a few of the stories people have said to me. They ask for help to either clear out the harmful spirit. They also ask for protection from the same spiritual influence affecting their home.

Many times actions that we interpreted as unsafe or fearful are really the spirits attempt to get that persons attention. Sometimes it’s a cry for help to pass on as they the spirit are stuck. Other times the person who feels the spirits effects are because of strong emotional bonds between the person and spirit. Most often it comes from the love of missing someone so much that that spirit can’t bear to move on. When that person says good bye in their hearts, the spirit feel free to leave. Knowing the former loved one is going to be ok without them.

Those  are a few of the best stories being a professional medium. Look around and let me know what you think. I really would like it if you sent me an email to say hello.

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